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LumiPro Facial Toning Device

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The LumiPro, is our most advanced electrical muscle stimulation device, combining radiofrequency, LED light therapy and sonic massage in one multi-purpose device - the first in the UK! Our quad technology delivers electrical impulses, alongside radiofrequency and LED light, to activate and elevate facial muscles, while boost collagen and rejuvenating skin. Giving the appearance of firmer, tighter and smoother looking skin in a 10-minute treatment time.

The LumiPro promises a futuristic and results-driven experience in improving skin health and reducing signs of aging. 


Muscle Stimulation

Sonic Massage

LED Light Therapy


Why The LumiPro?

All-in-One: Combines 4 technologies in one device all targeting signs of ageing

Powerful: with an increased 10 LED Bulbs and 6 wavelengths, the LumiPro is one-of-a-kind to boast this level of powerful technology in a handheld device

Results Driven: Reduce Wrinkles & fine lines, Hydrate and Lift skin, Reduce Acne Breakouts, Reduce Acne Scars, Smoother skin, promote a radiant glow. Boost collagen, clear your skin and much more!

Facial Kit: The LumiPro comes with a special gel to boost conductivity of the impulses and a hydrating and plumping serum

Award-Winning UK Firm: we are an award-winning English Aesthetic Brand used regularly by high-profile celebrities to improve and maintain their skin. This technology is now available for you to use at home! 

Skin Type:







Fitzpatrick Scale/Skin Tone: Suitable for all


Please note, the LumiPro uses some heat during the treatment, this is part of the radiofrequency technology and the device should always be used with our conductive gel

If you have botox, wait 2 weeks till using the device or avoid the area you've had botox in completely 

If you have fillers, wait 4 weeks before using the device 

If you have, wait after 4 weeks and start on a low setting first


DO NOT use the device if you:

  • Are Pregnant
  • Have a pacemaker, any metal plates or pins 
  • Have had cancer in the last 12 months
  • Have experienced loss of skin sensation 
  • Have severe dermatitis or Eczema 

1 x LumiPro Device

1 x USB Charger

1 x Instructions Manual

1 x Neo Conductive Gel

1 x Hydrating Serum