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Dolls House Jewellery


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Delivered monthly, we careful choose items to send you the best, hand picked items to start your month with enough positive energy to carry you through a transformation in mind and body. With plenty of love thrown in! 

Including guides and how to use your items.

Every month, as your collection grows, enjoy the time you will spend getting to know your inner self, take time to grow and flourish.

Áine spends hours researching quality products, mainly from small, independent or local companies to bring you the best the month has to offer!

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Delivered once per calender  month. Delivery charges apply

We try to be as eco friendly as possible

Our packaging is compostable and recyclable and the couriers we have chosen also take action against climate change

Standard size will have minimum 3 items based on size and or price

Large will include minimum 5 items based on size and or price 

Both options include guides, rituals and how to cards!